How to get your deposit back

How long does it take to get a deposit refund?

You could get your deposit back as soon as you and your landlord have agreed on the amount to be returned.

If a full refund was agreed at the checkout inspection and your landlord has not given any reason since to keep your money, you should contact them.

Copy this template into an email to your landlord or letting agent.

[Use the subject: Return of my deposit]

I'm the former tenant of [your previous address].

I'm contacting you about the refund of my tenancy deposit.

My tenancy ended on [tenancy end date].

The property has been left in good order and the rent was fully paid.

Please refund the full £xxx within 10 days of receiving this email.

You can also download to send an attachment or letter:

Deposits protected in an insurance scheme

Your landlord or agent holds your deposit during the tenancy.

If they have agreed to return it, you should not need to contact the scheme.

Your deposit should be returned in a reasonable time, for example, 10 days.

Your landlord can refund your money by bank transfer, in cash or by cheque. They do not have to do it in a certain way, but they should not make things hard for you.

Deposits protected in a custodial scheme

You or your landlord can ask for the money to be released.

All schemes must return the money within 10 working days.

You can use your online account to ask for your deposit. Phone your scheme if you have problems.

What if you and your landlord cannot agree?

It will take longer to get your deposit back if:

  • your landlord will not agree to a refund

  • you dispute how much they want to keep

Last updated: 7 July 2022

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