How to get your deposit back

Who this guide is for

Our guide is for private tenants who:

  • have paid a tenancy deposit

  • want a refund from the landlord or agent

You are entitled to the full return of your deposit at the end of your tenancy unless your landlord has a reason to make deductions.

The guide includes advice for joint tenants.

Assured shorthold tenants

Within 30 days of receiving your tenancy deposit your landlord or letting agent must:

  • protect your deposit in a scheme

  • give you certain written information including details of the scheme

Your deposit must be protected throughout your tenancy. Your landlord or agent must give you updated information if they start using a different protection scheme.

The deposit protection schemes offer free dispute resolution if you and your landlord cannot agree on the return of your deposit.

Other private tenants and lodgers

Your deposit does not have to be protected if you have a different type of private tenancy or you live with your landlord.

You can still use this guide to find out how to get your deposit back if it is not protected.

Last updated: 8 July 2022

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