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Reasonable to continue to occupy

Changes made 24 December 2018

In Safi v Sandwell BC [2018] EWCA Civ 2876, the Court of Appeal (following R (on the application of Ali) v Birmingham CC [2009] UKHL 36) held that a local authority had not applied the required test when considering if the applicant's accommodation was reasonable to continue to occupy. Reasonableness must be looked at over time, so, knowing that the applicant was pregnant with her second child, the authority should have asked itself whether it was reasonable for the family to continue to live in their one-bedroom flat both for the present and the foreseeable future. If the answer was no, it should have asked itself how long it was reasonable to expect the family to remain in the accommodation and whether they would be able to obtain suitable accommodation within that time through the allocations scheme.

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Allocation of PRPSH properties

Changes made 08 February 2018

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