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    • Homelessness applications

      The criteria considered in homelessness applications (eligibility, homelessness, priority need, intentionality and local connection), the duties of local authorities, and how to challenge decisions.

    • Housing options

      Information on different housing options and local authority allocations, including specific guidance for those with particular housing needs.

    • Renting

      The different tenancy types and occupation status that someone may have and the impact this has on their security of tenure.

    • Costs of renting

      How much it costs to rent, including letting agent fees, rent in advance, and paying a deposit. The rules on rent increases.

    • Benefits

      Different types of benefits are available to help renters and homeowners with costs of private or council housing within the limits of the benefit cap.

    • Possession and eviction

      Information on all aspects of possession proceedings, including grounds for possession, notice requirements, illegal eviction and harassment.

    • Home ownership

      Information on rights of leaseholders and commonhold holders, the right to buy, shared ownership, mortgage arrears and compulsory purchase orders.

    • Housing conditions

      Rights and duties involved in dealing with disrepair and poor housing conditions, nuisance, and overcrowding.

    • Debt and money

      Court processes to enforce a debt, and insolvency options for a person in debt to deal with their situation.

    • Relationship breakdown

      The effect of relationship breakdown on tenancies, home ownership and other housing rights.

    • Court action and complaints

      The structure of the courts and legal proceedings, what steps need to be taken before pursuing court action, legal aid, and the issues around costs and fees.

    • Homeless rights checker

      Find out what homeless rights someone has based on their immigration or residence status, including help under the Housing Act 1996, the Children Act and the Care Act.