Court action and complaints

The structure of the courts and legal proceedings, what steps need to be taken before pursuing court action, legal aid, and the issues around costs and fees.

This content applies to England
  • Complaints

    Complaints about letting agents, social housing providers, local authorities and adult social care providers.

  • Pre-action protocols

    Necessary steps under the pre-action protocols before taking action, and factors to consider before going to court.

  • Online money and possession claims

    Some money claims and possession claims meeting specified criteria may be started online with most procedural steps also done electronically.

  • Court process and hearings

    Process of taking a case to a county court, Civil Procedure Rules, fees, allocation of a case to one of three tracks, and documents to use as evidence.

  • Costs of legal action

    The costs of going to court and the financing choices that are available to people faced with a housing court case, usually in the county court.

  • Legal aid

    Public funding for civil cases in England and Wales, eligibility for help, forms of legal aid service, and administering agencies.

  • European Union law

    An outline of European Union (EU) law relating to immigration and eligibility for homelessness assistance before Brexit.

  • Structure of courts in England

    Structure of civil and criminal courts, and tribunals. The Civil Procedure Rules and different case tracks.

  • Forms

    Court forms and other application forms, including those relating to possession proceedings, rent increases and judicial review.