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Alternatives to legal aid

An applicant who does not qualify for legal aid may be able to get help through another option.

This content applies to England & Wales

Free and low cost legal advice

Some lawyers offer some services free of charge. This is called 'pro bono'. Further information is available from:

Some lawyers provide low cost legal advice and assistance to people who are not eligible for legal aid but cannot afford full legal fees.

Many solicitors offer an interview (generally of 30 minutes) for a fixed fee.

Advice agencies such Citizens Advice and Law Centres may provide free legal help.

Conditional fee agreement

In a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA), also known as a no win no fee agreement, a lawyer agrees not to charge a client unless they win the case, in the expectation that they will recover the costs from the opponent.

Legal expenses cover

People may be able to claim on their legal expenses insurance, also known as legal protection insurance. This covers policy holders against the potential costs of legal action brought against them.

Credit card agreements, house insurance policies and bank accounts may also provide cover for legal costs.

Online advice on legal rights

People with a legal problem can find about more about their rights and the law from:

Help from a housing possession court duty scheme

The Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme provides advice and representation from a legal aid adviser in County Courts.

The schemes allow anyone in danger of eviction or having property repossessed to get free legal advice and representation at court on the day of their hearing, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Free non-means tested emergency advice and advocacy may be available to anyone facing possession proceedings for initial hearings in rent and mortgage arrears possession cases, and warrants of eviction.

Last updated: 1 February 2022