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Housing conditions

Rights and duties involved in dealing with disrepair and poor housing conditions, nuisance, and overcrowding.

This content applies to England & Wales
  • Responsibility for repairs

    Landlord responsibilities for dealing with disrepair and poor housing conditions, including repairs under section 11 and fitness for habitation.

  • Legal remedies for disrepair

    Legal remedies and options for occupiers to deal with disrepair and poor housing conditions.

  • Local authority duties to deal with poor conditions

    The Housing Health and Safety Rating System and how local authorities inspect rented housing and protect against hazards.

  • Safety standards in the home

    The law in relation to safety in the home, covering gas (including carbon monoxide and radon) and electrical safety, furnishings and fire safety.

  • Energy standards

    Minimum energy standards for rented properties and the requirement to provide an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

  • HMO standards

    Rules for management and maintenance of good housing conditions in houses in multiple occupation (HMO).

  • Nuisance and ASB

    Options to deal with nuisance, noise and antisocial behaviour (ASB)

  • Private sector enforcement

    Enforcement options to deal with private sector landlords, including Rent Repayment Orders and Banning Orders

  • Overcrowding

    The legal definition of overcrowding and action that occupiers can take if their home is overcrowded.

  • Occupiers displaced by poor conditions

    Rehousing and compensation for people displaced by a housing order, including a prohibition or demolition order.