Different types of benefits are available to help renters and homeowners with costs of private or council housing within the limits of the benefit cap.

This content applies to England & Wales
  • Housing benefit

    Rules for claiming help to pay rent, which is paid by local authorities and calculated by looking at income and local rent rates.

  • Housing benefit calculation rates

    Department for Work and Pensions annual rates used to calculate housing benefit from 2017 onwards and circumstances impacting the amount.

  • Local housing allowance

    The local housing allowance (LHA) scheme is an alternative method of calculating housing benefit for tenants in the private rented sector.

  • Universal credit

    Universal credit is a means-tested benefit for people of working age and is intended to cover both living expenses and accommodation costs.

  • Benefit cap

    Benefit cap limits the total amount of benefits that working-age claimants can receive, and housing benefit or universal credit can be reduced.

  • Discretionary housing payments

    Local authorities can award a discretionary, limited and temporary housing payment to claimants if existing benefits do not cover housing costs.

  • Council tax support

    Eligibility and rules for claiming support to pay council tax bills, available for people in financial need and administered by local authorities.

  • Support for mortgage interest

    Government repayable loan can help homeowners who claim benefits to pay interest on mortgages or loans taken out for repairs or improvements.

  • Benefits to pay for a homeless hostel

    People on a low income can claim benefits to help pay for staying in a homeless hostel.