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The different tenancy types and occupation status that someone may have and the impact this has on their security of tenure.

This content applies to England & Wales
  • Tenancy status checker

    Our tenancy status checker can help you establish what type of tenancy or licence an occupier has.

  • Security of tenure

    Different types of tenure, categories of occupiers, and common rules and differences between tenancy and license agreements.

  • How a tenant can end a tenancy

    Rules on when a tenant can end a tenancy, including fixed term and periodic tenancies.

  • Assignment

    Tenants' rights to pass on their public and private sector tenancies, requirements and procedure for assignment.

  • Succession

    Rules governing succession to different types of private and public sector tenancies when the occupant dies.

  • Change of landlord

    A tenant's landlord could change as a result of the landlord's sale, death, bankruptcy, or repossession.

  • Assured and assured shorthold tenancies

    Features and types of assured and assured shorthold tenancies.

  • Secure and flexible tenancies

    The law regarding secure tenancies and licences, their duration and termination, and the rights of secure tenants.

  • Public sector tenancies

    Information on local authority introductory tenancies, demoted tenancies and family intervention tenancies.

  • Regulated tenancies

    The law governing creation, stages, and termination of regulated tenancies (commonly referred to as protected tenancies).

  • Occupiers with limited security

    Information on occupiers with basic protection under the Protection from Eviction Act, and excluded occupiers with no protection.

  • Subtenancies

    Security of tenure of private and public sector subtenants, and their position when the immediate landlord's tenancy ends.

  • Tied accommodation

    Rights of workers who live in accommodation provided by their employers.

  • Mobile home occupiers

    Rights of mobile home owners and renters, protected sites and the definition of a mobile home.

  • Agricultural occupiers

    Rights of current and former agricultural workers who live in accommodation provided by their employer.