Court processes to enforce a debt, and insolvency options for a person in debt to deal with their situation.

This content applies to England & Wales
  • Debt relief orders

    A debt relief order is a way for someone to have up to £30,000 of qualifying debts written off if they have a low income and little or no assets of value.

  • Money claims and judgments

    Money claims in the County Court are issued by a claimant for the repayment of a debt owed by the defendant.

  • Money judgments in possession proceedings

    Landlords may claim rent arrears and costs in possession proceedings and when they take steps to enforce, judgments may appear on the credit reference file.

  • Charging orders and orders for sale

    Court orders securing unpaid debts against land owned by the debtor, and orders forcing the sale of their property.

  • Challenging guarantor agreements

    A guarantor agrees to be liable for a debt if the principal debtor fails to pay what they owe under their agreement.

  • Debt case law summaries

    A directory of case summaries of court decisions that affect debt advice.