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Introduction to security of tenure

Different types of tenure, categories of occupiers, and common rules and differences between tenancy and license agreements.

This content applies to England
  • Where tenancy rights come from

    A tenant's housing rights come from legislation, contract law and common law.

  • Tenancy and licence agreements

    Tenancy or licence agreements may be written or verbal and the label on the agreement does not determine the real status of the occupiers.

  • Sham tenancy agreements

    Sham agreements are used by landlords to claim an occupier has fewer rights than they do in law, and to avoid complying with rules on eviction and deposit protection.

  • What is a licence?

    A licence is personal permission for someone to occupy accommodation and does not give an occupier a legal interest in the land.

  • Joint tenancies

    Where a tenancy is granted to two or more people, the tenants hold the tenancy jointly and are both liable for rent and other costs.