Court forms and other application forms, including those relating to possession proceedings, rent increases and judicial review.

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EX160 - Application for a Court or Tribunal Fee exemption

HHSRS - Application relating to improvement notices, prohibition orders, demolition orders and emergency measures

HR1 - Application for registration (home rights)

HR2 - Application for renewal of registration (home rights)

K2 - Application for registration of a Land Charge of Class F

Leasehold 4 - Application for the variation of lease or leases

N1 - Claim form (Part 7)

N5 - Claim form (possession of property)

N5A - Claim form (relief against forfeiture)

N5B - Claim for possession (accelerated possession)

N9 - Acknowledgement of service/Response pack

N11 - Defence form

N11B - Defence form (accelerated possession procedure)

N11M - Defence form (mortgaged residential property)

N11R - Defence form (rented residential property)

N119 - Particulars of possession claim (rented residential property)

N120 - Particulars of claim (mortgaged residential property)

N121 - Particulars of claim (trespassers)

N161 - Appellant's notice

N208 - Claim form (Part 8)

N215 - Certificate of service

N235 - Certificate of suitability of litigation friend

N244 - Application notice

N245 - Application for suspension of a warrant of execution against goods and/or variation of an order (use form N244 for suspension of warrant of possession and/or variation of possession order).

N258A - Request for detailed assessment

N260 - Statement of costs (summary assessment)

N325 - Request for warrant for possession following an outright order for possession

N325A - Request for warrant for possession following a suspended order for possession

N461 - Judicial review claim form

N462 - Judicial review acknowledgement of service

N463 - Judicial review application for urgent consideration

RP PTA - Application for permission to appeal a decision to the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)

Rents 1 - Application referring a notice proposing a new rent under an assured periodic tenancy or agricultural occupancy to the tribunal (section 13 increase)

Rents 2 - Application to the tribunal for determination of a rent under an assured shorthold tenancy (section 22 rent determination)

Rents 3 - Application referring a notice proposing different terms for a statutory periodic tenancy to the tribunal (under section 6)

RTB1 - Notice claiming the right to buy

SF500 - Budgeting loan

SIM - Application for an official search of Land Registry index map

SSCS1 - Notice of appeal against DWP decision

UKVI IntL - Application for an integration loan for refugees

Last updated: 17 May 2021