Fair Housing Futures

Making Greater Manchester’s private rented sector work for all

Fair Housing Futures

Making Greater Manchester’s private rented sector work for all

The private rented sector is often associated with insecurity, poor living conditions, high rents and a lack of choice. Tenants often experience instability and inequality, and for many the private rented sector is now their only option.

Our ambition

As the number of people living in the private rented sector is set to increase, Fair Housing Futures wants to ensure that tenants have access to decent, secure and affordable homes.

Over the next five years, The Fair Housing Futures Partnership Board and The Nationwide Foundation will invest £1.2 million in improving the experience of renting for vulnerable tenants in Greater Manchester, by striving to improve housing policy, practice, and options.

Our work

Led by the Fair Housing Futures Partnership Board, we will working with local authorities and organisations across the 10 Greater Manchester boroughs, to find collective solutions to the issues facing vulnerable tenants.

We’ll identify these issues by gaining a better understanding of Greater Manchester’s private rented sector, through talking to tenants and landlords. Identifying solutions to these issues through our Test and Learn Grants programme, we'll help build a private rented sector that works for all.

Over the next five years Fair Housing Futures will:

Map the patch

Mapping the private rented sector will give us an up-to-date and evidence-based understanding of the sector in Greater Manchester.

Amplify tenants' voices

Our Tenants’ Voices programme will engage with tenants and landlords to co-develop effective change.

Test innovative ideas

Our Test and Learn Grants programme is piloting trailblazing solutions to the issues faced by vulnerable tenants in the private rented sector.

Mapping Exercise

Our mapping exercise will give us a comprehensive and evidence-based review of how low-income renters access and live within the private rental sector in Greater Manchester.

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Test and Learn Grant

There are five projects currently being funded by the Fair Housing Futures Test and Learn Grant.

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Tenants' Voices Programme

The Tenants' Voices programme will provide a chance to engage with and empower tenants across Greater Manchester, allowing them to be part of the debate around housing.

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Get to know the board

The Fair Housing Partnership Board is responsible for the leadership of the project, and the Test and Learn Grant.

The Board of Fair Housing Futures

The Nationwide Foundation

Fair Housing Futures is part of The Nationwide Foundation’s Transforming the Rented Sector funding programme.

Other projects in the programme include the 2018 review of the private rented sector: The Evolving Private Rented Sector: Its Contribution and Potential by Julie Rugg and David Rhodes from the Centre for Housing Policy at the University of York.

Fair Housing Futures, a project making Greater Manchester's private rented sector work for all

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Funded by The Nationwide Foundation and hosted by Shelter, Fair Housing Futures will identify and investigate solutions to the barriers faced by renters with limited financial and social support in Greater Manchester.