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Get inspired to fundraise

See our ideas, top tips and resources for a great fundraiser.

Fundraising ideas

Looking for inspiration? We've got loads of ideas for you.

Ideas for if you like socialising

Are you a real people-person? Love bringing everyone together? Check out the below ideas.

  • Host a quiz

  • Put on a drag show

  • Organise a comedy night

  • Throw your own disco night or festival

  • Host a coffee morning

  • Throw a cocktail party

  • Organise a karaoke night

Our top tips

  • Share your event online and use a platform like Eventbrite to sell tickets

  • Ask mates to help out and sell tickets. They could even work the door on the night

  • To encourage donations, share stories on the night about our work

Ideas for if you like being active

Like to stay active? From running to yoga, we have loads of sporty ideas for you.

  • Run 1k every day for a month

  • Do a sponsored swim

  • Take on an obstacle course like Tough Mudder

  • Organise a 5-a-side football match

  • Do a 24-hour skate

  • Set yourself a climbing challenge

  • Put on a sports day in your local park

  • Run yoga sessions for your friends or colleagues

Our top tips

  • Get friends to join you on the challenge. They can set up their own fundraising page and add what they raise to your total

  • Spread the word: emails, texts and social media posts are a great way to promote your fundraising

  • Why not connect your Just Giving page with fitness app Strava? Then you can share your runs and encourage donations

  • Set up a playlist on Spotify and ask friends to nominate a song for a donation

Ideas for if you love food

Happiest cooking up a storm? Check out these gastronomic fundraising ideas.

  • Bake your favourite things and sell them at a bake sale or local fair

  • Host a themed dinner party

  • Put on a barbeque

  • Host a wine and cheese tasting

  • Invite friends over for a pizza night

  • Start a supper club

Our top tips

  • Holding a dinner party or food sale? Ask your guests to donate what they would have spent in a restaurant or café

  • Use your networks: some people might prefer to help cook or bring baked goods to sell, others may prefer to donate

  • Be safe. Research food hygiene and ask people about allergies in advance

  • Make it a competition – ask people to bake the best cake to win

Ideas for if you love being creative

You’re a true artiste. Here are some crafty ideas. We can’t wait to see what you make.

  • Run a knitting class

  • Organise a poetry night

  • Make and sell your own greeting cards

  • Organise a ‘Glow-Up’ or ‘Sewing Bee’ style competition

  • Put on a music concert

  • Create and sell your own origami

Our top tips

  • Start a knit or craft class in your lunch hour. Ask colleagues to donate to take part

  • Why not host virtual workshops or events on Twitch or Zoom?

  • Make it a regular thing – hold monthly sessions for a donation each time

  • You could organise an auction, raffle or sale for your creations

  • Friend’s birthday soon? Why not make their gift and donate what you save

Ideas for if you love being entrepreneurial

Have a mind for making money? We have the perfect fundraising ideas for you.

  • Offer your gardening services to friends

  • Run a car wash

  • Babysitting

  • Sponsored head shave

  • Allotment sale

  • Organise an auction of promises

Our top tips

  • Advertise locally and spread the word on social media using #FightForHome

  • Go digital. As well as car boot and jumble sales, you could sell on eBay, Etsy, Depop or Facebook Marketplace

  • Say thank you. Add a thank you card to everything you sell with info about Shelter

  • Join forces with friends and family with other skills to raise even more

Ideas for if you love gaming or thinking

You like anything that keeps the cogs turning. Take a look at these fun activities.

  • Organise a gaming tournament

  • Host a chess competition

  • Start a book club with some friends

  • Host a board games night

  • Livestream your gaming competition or other event on Twitch

  • Put on a murder mystery night

Our top tips

  • Planning a gaming tournament? Decide if it’s a marathon or once-a-month thing

  • Use platforms like Facebook, Discord or TikTok for your book club chats

  • Live stream games and get people to donate using Twitch and Just Giving

  • Ask everyone to donate to take part in a board game evening or jigsaw puzzle race

  • Think about what your friends like to do and use that as inspiration

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Top tips for planning a fundraiser

  • Set a date. Make sure your date doesn’t clash with any important occasions.

  • Call on your friends. Get your friends and family to help you organise and spread the word. Make a list of tasks and decide who’s doing what.

  • Create a Just Giving page. Write your story and tell people why you think fighting for home is important. Set a target and don’t be afraid to increase it to get more donations.

For more tips, download our free fundraising pack.

Fundraising resources

Download our resources to help you promote your event – including posters, sponsorship forms and social media graphics.

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