Get help from the council

Example of an email to send to your council

If you are homeless or facing homelessness, you can ask your council for help.

This is called ‘making a homelessness application.’

Use the text in the grey box below as a template to write an email to your council’s homelessness section.

Replace the words in bold text with your details.

You can also read the email out over the phone if you call the council directly.

To the homelessness team at: name of your council

My name is: your full name.

I am: facing homelessness/homeless and need to make a homelessness application under Part 7 of the Housing Act 1996.

I want to speak to a homelessness officer urgently.

I need help because: write the reason you are or will be homeless

I am in priority need because: choose any options below that apply to you:

  • I have dependent children who live with me

  • I am pregnant (or someone you live with is pregnant)

  • I am homeless because of domestic abuse

  • I am a care leaver aged under 21

  • I am vulnerable (eg because of old age, disability or mental illness)

  • I am homeless after (a flood, fire or other disaster)

I am applying for myself and for: the names of anyone who lives with you

Thank you.

Your name
Your phone number

Attach any evidence that you have - for example:

  • a copy of an eviction court order

  • your notice from your landlord or mortgage lender

  • a letter from a friend or family you’re staying with saying they’ve asked you to leave

Immigration and residence

You need to meet immigration and residence conditions to get help.

Last updated: 5 July 2021

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