Homeless: get help from the council

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How to ask the council for help

You can ask any council for help if you're homeless now or facing homelessness within 8 weeks. This includes when you've received a section 21 notice.

Contact the council

It's usually best to contact the council by phone before going to the office.

The council makes you an appointment. Sometimes they arrange a home visit instead.

If you have nowhere to stay tonight, you can go to the council office in person. You don't need an appointment. Get there as early as you can.

Council opening hours vary. Every council has an out-of-hours emergency number for when the office is closed.

Find your nearest council

What to take with you

It helps if you take proof of your situation, such as:

  • identity and immigration status (passport or ID card)
  • why you have to leave your home (eviction notice)
  • medical conditions (a letter from your doctor or hospital)
  • children (birth certificates) or pregnancy (a letter from your doctor or midwife)

If you can, take proof of income (bank statements, wage slips, proof of benefits).

What to expect

The council checks if you qualify for emergency housing

The council also decides if you qualify for a homelessness assessment where they decide how to help you further. The assessment could be on another day.

The housing officer should explain the process clearly.


How the council can help


Homeless assessments

Last updated - 03 Apr 2018

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