Mediation for young people

Mediation may help if you are a young person and you are having problems with your parents.

How mediation can help

If you're having problems with your relationship with your parents, other relatives or carers, mediation might help.

A mediator is an independent person who helps you to talk honestly with each other to help you sort out your problems. They won't make judgments about who is in the right or tell you what to do.

Sometimes problems can be serious enough for you to leave home or be kicked out. If this is the case, mediation may be able to help you to sort things out so that you can continue to live at home or go back home if you have already left. You could return home either permanently or temporarily while you look for somewhere else.

Even if mediation does not lead to you moving back home, it can help you to get back on good terms with your parents or carers.

Get more advice about family problems and leaving home

When mediation is not appropriate

Mediation is not normally appropriate if:

  • someone in your home has been violent or abusive towards you - if this is the case, tell the council about this before they contact your parents or carers
  • you or your parents do not agree to mediation
  • the problems that led to you leaving home are not relationship problems - for example if you have been asked to leave because there is not enough room for you

Young people applying as homeless

If you ask the council for help because you have left home or been kicked out, the council will usually suggest mediation. Be sure to tell the council if there is any reason why you can't return home, for example if you are worried about violence or abuse there.

If there are no problems like this, someone from the council usually contacts your parents or carers to ask if they agree to mediation, and, if so, whether they will allow you to return home while mediation is attempted.

The council may have to house you while the mediation is taking place, especially if your parents or carers agree to mediation but won't allow you to return home until afterwards.

Get advice about what to do next if the council won't help you or says you must go home.

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Young people and mediation arrangements

Most councils use either their own mediation service or an independent organisation to do the mediation.

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