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Rent increases for private tenants

How much can your rent increase by?

Your rent can go up if you agree to it or sign a new agreement.

There's no limit on agreed rent increases for assured shorthold tenants.

You do not have to agree to an increase. But your landlord could take steps to end your tenancy if you do not agree. For example, by giving you a section 21 notice.

Be aware that once you pay the higher amount it legally becomes your new rent - even if you tell your landlord you are unhappy with the increase.

Regulated or protected tenants have fair rents set by a rent officer.

How often can your landlord increase the rent?

Your landlord can suggest a rent increase at any time. For example, they might offer a new fixed term tenancy at a higher rent.

If you do not agree to an increase, your landlord can only raise your rent if either:

  • you have a rent review clause in your contract

  • your landlord uses the section 13 process

Rent review clauses

A rent review clause is a term in your tenancy agreement that says:

  • when the rent can go up

  • how much the rent can go up by

  • how much notice you get of a rent increase

Not all tenancy agreements have a rent review clause.

The section 13 process

Your landlord can only use this process once a year.

You get at least 1 month's notice of a rent increase.

Your landlord cannot increase your rent in this way if either:

  • you're in the first year of your tenancy

  • your agreement has a rent review clause that can be used

Your landlord can give you a section 13 notice in your fixed term but your rent cannot go up until the fixed term has ended.

What you can do about a rent increase

You can negotiate if you cannot afford a rent increase or think it's too much.

Your landlord might prefer to keep you as a tenant rather than having to find someone new.

Some tenants challenge a section 13 rent increase through a tribunal.

Last updated: 18 May 2023

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