Rent increases for private tenants

When can your landlord increase the rent?

Your landlord can suggest a rent increase but you do not have to agree to it.

For example, they might offer a new fixed term tenancy at a higher rent.

If you do not agree, your landlord can only raise your rent if they follow the rules.

The rules depend on:

  • if you have a fixed term or periodic (rolling) tenancy

  • what your tenancy agreement says about rent increases

Different rules apply to regulated or protected tenants.

What you can do

You can negotiate if you cannot afford a rent increase or think it's too much.

Some tenants challenge a rent increase through a tribunal.

Be aware that once you pay the higher amount it legally becomes your new rent - even if you tell your landlord you are unhappy with the increase.

Last updated: 22 April 2022

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