How to report repairs to a social landlord

Report repairs to your council or housing association landlord as soon as possible.

Report a gas emergency

Call the Gas emergency number 0800 111 999 immediately if there's a gas leak or signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

How to report repairs

Always report repairs to your landlord. Reporting repairs might be a condition of your tenancy agreement.

Don't delay. Small problems can cause bigger ones.

Use Shelter's template letter to report repairs to your landlord.

Some councils and housing associations have a system for reporting repairs online. Check your landlord's website or your tenants' handbook for further information.

If you tell the landlord about the repair problem in person, by phone or text, write to them or email them to confirm the details.

Allow access

You must allow your landlord and their contractors reasonable access to your home so they can assess what repairs are needed and carry out the work.

Keep records

Keep a record of your contact with your landlord about repair problems.

This can include:

  • copies of letters and emails you sent to your landlord
  • the dates your landlord visited your home to check the repairs
  • copies of letters and emails from your landlord
  • date and time and details of phone calls between you and your landlord

How long repairs should take

When you report a repair problem, your landlord should tell you how they are going to deal with it and how long repairs are likely to take.

Your tenants' handbook or tenancy agreement might have more information about how long a particular type of repair takes to be fixed.

Reasonable time limits for completing repairs should be approximately:

  • 24 hours to do an emergency repair
  • 7 days to do an urgent repair
  • 28 days for a routine repair

Find out more about action to take if your landlord refuses to repair your home.

Responsibility for repairs

Your council or housing association landlord is usually responsible for doing repairs in your home.

Some small repairs to your home may be covered by the right to repair scheme.

Find out more about the right to repair scheme.

If you caused damage to your home, you should still report it to your landlord. They could arrange for the damage to be fixed and then charge you for the cost of the repairs.

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