Every day, 120 families in Britain lose their homes

But just £30 can stop a family losing their home

Homeless families are all around you

But you won’t see them, because they’re hidden – sometimes sleeping in different places from one night to the next.

And although they have a roof over their heads, it’s not a place to call home. Nowhere to eat dinner, or do homework. Sharing a bathroom with countless others.

Worst of all, no door to lock at the end of the day. For families like Laura’s, it can be devastating.

'They didn't have a safe place to eat, sleep, play, anything.'


Laura was turned down for help by the local council, after fleeing a violent home with her two children.

They slept in the car that night. After being refused help for the second day running, Laura came to us.

Our solicitor, Catherine, helped the family find a place to sleep for the night, while she worked with the council to get them into emergency accommodation.

Imagine waking up each day, not knowing where you’d sleep that night

Laura and her young children had to leave their accommodation every morning.

Walk by them in the street, and you’d have no idea that they had to stay out until 5pm before finding out where they’d sleep that night.

This went on for months before Laura, with Shelter’s help, found a permanent place to call home.

'It was a very dark, depressing, lonely time.'