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£30 could fund two webchats, giving expert digital advice for someone facing homelessness


The pandemic has plunged thousands into uncertainty 

But we can’t help them without your support

This Ramadan, more people than ever fear losing their home. So, it’s crucial we keep services like our helpline, campaigns and up-to-date online advice running at full capacity – but we need your help.

Shocking levels of unemployment and economic hardship caused by coronavirus (COVID-19) mean the number of people at risk of homelessness is at a record high.

For many, the real emergency is only just beginning

Right now, thousands of families face homelessness. Because of the pandemic, unemployment is the worst it’s been in five years, while 700,000 renters in arrears are falling deeper in debt by the day.

These numbers are frightening. When people call for help, we must answer.

With your support, we can be there for those who need help during this stressful time – both now and in the difficult months ahead.

Your donation of £15 today could pay for the life-changing webchat that saves a family from eviction, helps a single parent find temporary accommodation or empowers someone to take the first step back into employment.

Every call our helpline gets means a life is on the line

Since the pandemic began, our helpline has answered well over 26,000 calls from households in dire need of our support, guidance, and free legal advice.

Umer had been living at his friend’s house when it was repossessed last year. A call to his local council proved unsuccessful and in his own words, he was left with ‘nothing but blue sky’. His car was his only option.

So, for 44 days at the start of the pandemic, Umer would drive hundreds of passengers to their homes in his taxi – before taking a duvet from the boot of his car to sleep in the front each night. He felt vulnerable and exposed. His long-term back problem got worse.

Thankfully he made a call to our helpline and Clare answered. She was outraged, but not surprised to hear Umer’s situation. We’re hearing more and more stories like this as the struggle to build more social housing continues.

We took action

Clare immediately emailed the council to demand that as someone with a chronic health problem, Umer urgently needed somewhere to live. To his relief, within hours the council had found him temporary accommodation, so he could sleep in a bed, not his car.

With our support, he was able to find a home. Now he’s able to concentrate on his future and is even planning to start his own business.

No one should have to live in their car, or a park. For people like Umer, in crisis, our helpline is a lifeline. £20 could pay for a call to our helpline – a call that can give someone a safe and stable home. Please donate now.

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Our vision

We strive every day to give people the help they need, and we campaign relentlessly to achieve our vision of a safe, secure, affordable home for everyone.

How we help

No one needs to face bad housing or homelessness alone. Last year over 5 million people turned to Shelter for advice.

How your money is spent

For every £1 you donate:

  • 79p is spent directly on helping people through advice, support, and campaigning

  • 21p is spent on fundraising