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Adam never knows what to expect from the next emergency call. Working on the frontline of Britain’s housing emergency, he’s one of our dedicated team of helpline advisers taking call after call from people who are at breaking point.

Take the dark and rainy afternoon last October when Adam answered a call from Sophie. She was facing a desperate situation, sat in the car outside her local council office with her family. Her two kids were tired, hungry, and restless – but Sophie’s family couldn’t go home. After a sudden change in circumstances, they’d found themselves with nowhere to spend the night.

Back in our office, Adam listened carefully, reassuring Sophie that he would do everything he could to help. Calling the council to advocate on Sophie’s behalf, Adam got to work. Checking housing law and regulations, he fought relentlessly until he got the council to provide Sophie and her family a safe place to stay.

Your support helps families like Sophie’s

Helpline advisers like Adam are absolute specialists. They can be the difference between someone keeping and losing their home.

But in the midst of trying to answer as many calls as we can, our helpline is facing an emergency of its own. Every precious minute of help we give has to be paid for – and with homelessness on the rise and more people in need of our help than ever, we desperately need your support so we can continue to be there.

Please donate today. It could help advisers like Adam answer calls to our helpline from people facing homelessness.


Quote image - Adam
In this national housing emergency where words like eviction, repossession, and temporary accommodation are constantly in the news, I speak to the people who are living it. I’m so grateful to you that we can help them.


Our Vision

We strive every day to give people the help they need, and we campaign relentlessly to achieve our vision of a safe, secure, affordable home for everyone.

How we help

No-one needs to face bad housing or homelessness alone. Last year over 5 million people turned to Shelter for advice.

Phone advice


unique callers to our helpline each week

Our free national helpline is available 365 days a year and provides expert housing advice to anyone struggling with problems related to housing and homelessness.

Personal advice


of people who sought help with their financial situation saw an improvement

We have advice centres up and down the country so people can get face-to-face support from one of our housing experts.

Online advice


people sought help through our live chat advice last year

Our website provides over 400 pages of advice on housing, homelessness and related issues - featuring videos, audio guides and other tools to help give straight-forward support. In 2015 we launched a live chat advice service, offering real-time online help from our trained advisers.

How your money is spent

For every £1 you donate, 79p goes towards helping people struggling with bad housing and homelessness.



  • 79% spent on helping people through advice, support and campaigning  
  • 21% spent on fundraising