Discretionary housing payments (DHP)

A discretionary housing payment could help you if your housing benefit doesn't cover the rent

What is a discretionary housing payment (DHP)?

A DHP is an extra payment to help people who claim housing benefit and are struggling to pay the rent.

Your council may award you a DHP if for example you're affected by the bedroom tax or benefit cap.

You could also get a DHP to help pay a tenancy deposit for a new home, but only if you are already getting housing benefit where you live now.

You can also apply for a DHP if you receive universal credit to help pay your rent. 

Make a DHP claim

Ask your local council for a claim form or how to make a claim.

How the council decides

Your council decides how DHPs are allocated. There isn't a clear set of allocation rules. The council must be fair and reasonable when deciding.

Provide as much information as you can to help the council decide.

DHPs are only paid for a limited period. You may have to reapply at the end of the period. The council may expect you to make long-term changes in your budgeting or housing situation.

How much can be paid?

Each case is different. You may get enough to cover all your rent or costs or just part of those costs.

DHPs may be paid weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as a lump sum. Payments can be backdated. You do not have to repay a DHP.

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