Relationship breakdown

Get advice if you're separating from your partner. Find out about financial issues, where you're going to live and getting help from the council.

Can your partner evict you?

Find out what to do if you've been asked to leave by your partner or family member and you don't have anywhere to go.

Domestic abuse

Find out about your options if you are facing homelessness due to domestic violence.

Get legal help and advice

You may need legal advice about your long term housing rights. Contact the Law Society to find a family solicitor.

Under 35s and housing benefit

If you are single and under 35, you may only be entitled to housing benefit to help with the costs of shared accommodation.

Having problems at home?

If you're a young person having problems at home, get help and advice about leaving home.

Get advice from Shelter

If you rent your home, talk to an adviser about your housing rights if you're splitting up. Use Shelter's directory to find a local adviser.

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