How to negotiate a rent reduction

Try to talk about lower payments with your landlord if you are struggling with rent.

What to say

Let your landlord know if you have problems such as:

  • universal credit payment delays

  • increasing energy costs

  • money problems since furlough ended

Tell them if you:

  • can change your situation in future, for example, you may get more work

  • have applied for universal credit help and how long you have to wait

  • have a payment proposal

Use our template letter

I am writing to notify you of a change in my income due to: write the reason

I have checked Shelter’s website. I'm following their advice to negotiate a payment amount for my rent due on: write your next rent payment date

I am taking these steps to increase my income [choose any]:

  • I am looking for work

  • I am waiting to hear about a job offer

  • I have applied for universal credit and am waiting for my first payment

  • other steps you may be taking

I can pay you: write the amount you can pay and how long for

I look forward to your response. I will keep you updated on changes to my situation.

I will be in contact next month to discuss future rent payments.

Proof of agreements

Keep a record of any agreement about rent or arrears repayments.

Mediation may help solve rent disputes.

If your landlord will not give you a reduction

If you already have rent arrears, use these template letters to write to your landlord.

Your landlord may be more likely to agree to a temporary rent reduction if you have a repayment plan.

For example, if you can show a plan to pay arrears back.

Make your rent your priority payment.

Find out how to deal with rent arrears if your debts are increasing.

Last updated: 28 February 2022

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