Demand more social housing in Manchester

More people are homeless in Manchester than anywhere else in the North of England. Our lack of social housing is making the problem worse.

Just 28 social homes were delivered here last year – that's less than 1% of the total new homes built. But the council can help fix this. It’s time for them to step up and build the good quality, affordable homes we desperately need.

13,466 families are on Manchester’s social housing waiting list

1 in 135 people now homeless

Manchester now has the highest rate of homelessness in the North of England.

443% increase in homelessness

There are 3,948 households currently living in temporary accommodation in Manchester.

Only 28 social homes built

That’s less than 1% of all the homes delivered across Manchester in 2018.

Email your council candidates and make social housing a priority

Manchester’s current lack of social housing is pushing people into overpriced and insecure renting, stopping them making a home in our city. Despite a huge amount of development, the council hasn’t held developers to account, failing to build the social housing we need.

2 May 2019 marks local election day in Manchester. We must urge the council to use their authority to build the homes we need and make developers answerable.

You have the power to ensure this happens. Make Manchester’s housing crisis a priority issue during this election by emailing the candidates running for city council in your area.

It’s your chance to directly ask them to support building the social homes our community deserves.

Thank you for your interest. This campaign action has now ended – but you can still help.

With 1.1 million households currently on the waiting list for social housing, this country is in desperate need of truly affordable homes. Help us keep up the pressure for change by signing this petition to demand that the government builds more social housing.

Together, we can turn the housing crisis around.