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Our Voting for Home general election campaign

If we want a fairer renting system and the social homes we need, we must use our power as voters this general election to force politicians to commit to fixing our broken housing system.

Home is our country’s foundation

A secure home provides the building blocks for a happy and healthy life, and a fair housing system that protects everyone is the foundation of a thriving country. But, too many of us don’t have a safe place to call home and the housing emergency is everywhere we look.

Currently, one in three adults in Britain (that's 17.5 million people) are negatively affected by the housing emergency – living in overcrowded, dangerous, unstable or unaffordable housing.

Successive governments have ignored this year after year – failing to build more social homes which has pushed more and more people into expensive and insecure private renting. The impact of this has been devastating with homelessness also now on the rise.

  • 3,898 people sleep rough on any given night

  • 7 out of 10 private renters say they are struggling or falling behind with their rent

  • 260,000 social homes lost in the past decade

The commitments we urgently need from a future government

We believe that no political party can consider itself ready to lead the country unless it is willing to tackle the housing emergency head on.

Our manifesto outlines a clear plan of action for the next government and was created with people from across the country, from rural and coastal towns to urban centres.

They shared their stories of the housing emergency with us. And they also worked out solutions to fix our broken housing system - build more social homes, and make renting affordable and safe.

We know we can do this, as we’ve done it before. After the Second World War, hundreds of thousands of social homes were often built each year, and private renting was secure and affordable in the 60s and 70s.

Our manifesto asks party leaders to:

  • build a new generation of social homes 

  • make renting affordable   

  • raise standards in rented homes  

  • strengthen housing rights

Read our full manifesto [PDF, 15MB]

Read the shorter executive summary [PDF, 7MB]

The general election on 4 July is our opportunity to get a better housing system and the good news is that your voice and your vote are powerful. Will you support our Voting for Home campaign to make sure housing is at the top of the political agenda?

Email your local candidates

People with lived experience helped shape our manifesto

  • People who are homeless and trapped in temporary accommodation waiting for a social home.

  • People too scared to complain to their landlord about damp and mould affecting their physical health for fear of being evicted.

  • People who are being crushed by the weight of unfair rent increases.

We all know someone struggling with the cost or condition of their home

Clare's story

'Eighteen months being at the mercy of a broken safety net of emergency and temporary accommodation. We found ourselves priced and discriminated out of the private rental sector. At every turn to be told, ''there are no houses'' was devastating.'

Priscilla's story

'I am stressed, anxious and depressed. I can't sleep and I can't concentrate at work. When I look for places, I don’t know what to expect, because often even though I meet all the criteria, the property will be offered to someone who is in a stronger financial situation than me and can offer more money.'

Dave's story

'While I was looking for a new place, I was being asked for six months' rent up front, which made it very difficult. I didn’t have that money, and I didn’t know anyone who could be a guarantor – it’s these invisible barriers that are in the way of securing yourself a new place to rent. So much of it isn’t really in your control.'

  • 172 families are served a section 21 'no fault' eviction notice every day

  • 145,800 children are growing up homeless in temporary accommodation

  • 1.3 million households are waiting for a social home

Do you have a story to share about how the housing emergency is affecting you or your family? We'd love to hear from you.

You have the power to change things

A better housing system is within our grasp. With the country going to the polls on 4 July, politicians will be trying to win our votes. Why not tell them you're only interested in a government that will promise to put housing first?

Let’s send them a clear message that, if they want our votes, they must commit to fixing a broken housing system by building social homes and making renting secure and affordable.

To get these commitments from political parties, enough of us must join our Voting for Home campaign and email our local candidates.

Let's stand together and maximise our influence.

A campaigner carries a board with a collage of words on it around how people feel about the housing emergency

Email your local candidates and join our Voting for Home campaign; demand that every party leader commits to ending the housing emergency in their election manifesto.

Email your local candidates

We're committed to prioritising anti-racism in our Voting for Home general election campaign

The housing emergency in England shows itself most acutely in the inequalities it perpetuates. Read our statement to find out more about our promise to advocate for racial justice in the housing sector – in the lead-up to the general election and beyond.

Read our anti-racism statement