Now’s the chance for a better deal for renters

A chance for a better deal for private renters

Renters deserve the right to stay. Thank you to the thousands of Shelter supporters who made their voice heard on three-year tenancies.

There’s little security living in a rented house on a 6 or 12-month contract, so we asked you to help us on this golden opportunity to change that, and thousands of you did.

The government is now consulting on its proposal to increase rental tenancies to a minimum of three years – allowing renters to leave when they want, but preventing landlords from forcing people out.

Three years isn’t yet a full right to stay, but it’s an important step in the right direction. Security for renters is long overdue. Thousands face eviction without a reason, and losing a rented home is the number one cause of homelessness.

How this will make life better for millions of private renters

The right to stay would stop thousands of renters being forced to bounce from one property to the next.
It’ll give people the reassurance they need to build a home, without having to look over their shoulder.
Renters will also have the freedom to find a new place if and when they choose.

How we got here and where we are going

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For years, Shelter has been campaigning for longer tenancies.

And now we have the government’s ear. Let them know what you think of insecure renting.

In a few months’ time, the government will announce the results of the consultation.

We’ll keep campaigning to make sure the full right to stay becomes law.

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