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Campaign with us

We campaign tirelessly to fight the devastating impact the housing emergency has on people and society. And this general election on 4 July is our chance to get housing at the top of the political agenda.

We must use our power as voters to tell all parties that they will only get our vote if they commit to fixing our broken housing system by building more social homes and making renting safe and affordable.

Support us by joining our Voting for Home campaign - email your local candidates, sign our open letter, and make sure the housing emergency isn't ignored this election.

Voting for Home campaign

This election help us to make sure housing is a top priority for all parties

Tell your candidates what the housing emergency is like in your area

Tell all party leaders that they must end the housing emergency

Help us campaign to get housing on the political agenda

What we're fighting for

We believe home is everything. Your campaigning forces those in power to sit up and take notice, making the changes we need to see to end the housing emergency.

Other ways to campaign

We're building an army of campaigners to join the fight for home. We've got big problems to tackle and we need campaigners to join the fight.