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Inspiring Change Manchester

Breaking down barriers to help improve lives

Inspiring Change Manchester closed in March 2022

While delivery of the programme has now finished, you can find out more about what we did below, or visit the Fulfilling Lives website.

Over the course of our eight-year programme, we had meaningful contact with at least 600 people going through recovery or rehabilitation in Manchester.

Funded by the National Lottery Community Fund’s 'Fulfilling Lives' initiative, we worked with people experiencing multiple disadvantages, which we define as a combination of three or more complex needs. These may include drug or alcohol abuse, issues with mental health and emotional wellbeing, homelessness, offending or domestic violence. Most people we supported have historically struggled to access or benefit from support services, and many are living chaotic lives.

Working together is key to what we do. The services we offer have been designed and developed with the help of local people who have experience of both multiple disadvantages and the support necessary to overcome them.

Shelter led the programme, working with partners to deliver dynamic services, including:

We also worked with many local organisations who share our ambition to achieve real, positive change for people disadvantaged by or excluded from the system.

I’ve been supported in every step of my recovery.

– Darren, who was receiving intensive support and is now a peer mentor

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