Benefits and money problems

Help with money and debts

Emergency grants, loans and money help

Help with energy bills

Help with council tax

What to do about universal credit deductions for debt

Extra help if you claim universal credit

Where to get debt and benefits advice

The breathing space scheme could pause eviction, repossession or debt recovery while you get free debt advice.

Rent increases

Rent increases for private tenants

Dealing with a rent increase if you claim benefits

Get help with rent

Missed rent or mortgage payments

How to deal with rent arrears

How to deal with mortgage arrears

Private renting when on benefits

How to find landlords who accept benefits

When universal credit can be paid direct to a landlord

'No DSS' policies are unlawful.

Use our guide to challenge DSS discrimination

Applying for benefits

Many working age people on a low income can get universal credit to help with rent.

How to claim universal credit

Some people can get housing benefit instead.

Housing benefit: hostels, refuges, supported and temporary housing

Housing benefit if you are pension age

How much can you get towards rent?

This depends on where you live and who lives with you.

How universal credit housing element is worked out

How many bedrooms you can claim benefits for

Local housing allowance (LHA) for private renters

Local housing allowance (LHA) if you're under 35

Councils have extra money to help you pay your rent.

This is called a discretionary housing payment (DHP). DHPs can help if your benefits do not cover your rent.

Help if you're from abroad

Find out if you can get universal credit

Benefits and help if you have no recourse to public funds

Sorting out benefit problems

How to deal with problems with your universal credit

How to deal with the bedroom tax

Dealing with the benefit cap

Money help if your universal credit is sanctioned

Changes of circumstances

Changes in income, family situation or where you live could affect your benefits.

If you get housing benefit

What to do if your housing benefit stops

Moving from housing benefit to universal credit

Claiming housing benefit if you're away from home

If you get universal credit

What to do if your universal credit reduces or stops

How a change of circumstances affects universal credit

Universal credit housing element when away from home

Last updated: 27 April 2022

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