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Information on benefits and payments towards housing costs, including housing benefit, local housing allowance, support for mortgage interest, universal credit and the benefit cap.

Housing benefit

Eligibility for housing benefit, how to claim, how the amount of housing benefit is calculated, applicable benefit rates, payments, backdating, and overpayments . 

Local housing allowance

The local housing allowance (LHA) scheme is an alternative method of calculating housing benefit for tenants in the private rented sector. 

Universal credit

Information about universal credit. 

Support for mortgage interest

Homeowners claiming certain benefits may be entitled to help with their housing costs, including mortgage interest and interest on loans taken out for repairs or improvements. 

Benefit cap

The benefit cap is a limit on the total amount of benefits that working-age claimants can receive. 

Discretionary housing payments

Discretionary housing payments for claimants who require more help with housing costs. 

Council tax support

Council tax support, the help for people on a low income to pay their council tax bill. 

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