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Right to buy social housing

This content applies to England & Wales

Different schemes that enable tenants of local authorities, housing associations or other private registered providers of social housing (PRPSH) to buy their homes.

Right to buy rules for social housing

Criteria, procedures and tenure when buying housing from a local authority, housing association or other private registered provider of social housing (PRPSH). 

Right to aquire rules for social housing

The right to acquire for tenants of private registered providers of social housing (PRPSH) and the preserved right to buy for former tenants of local authorities. 

Right to buy scheme

The right to buy scheme, qualifying landlords and qualifying tenants, and how long a tenant must have lived in a property in order to exercise the right to buy. 

Right to buy process

Landlords and tenants must timely complete specific steps when tenants buy their council homes or face consequences of delays. 

Right to buy discounts

Discounts depend on when the tenancy was granted and the time spent at the property, with the maximum discount cap reviewed every year. 

Discount repayment

Occupiers might have to repay all or part of their discount if they sell a property they have bought under the right to buy. 

Right to buy after council home transfer

Tenants keep the preserved right to buy if their property is transferred to a landlord whose tenants do not have the right to buy. 

Right to buy after a council tenant dies

Successors to secure tenancies can exercise the right to buy and their period of occupation counts towards the minimum period for the exercise of this right. 

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