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Leasehold property

This content applies to England & Wales

The position of a person who owns her/his home on a long lease, and the basic principles relating to leases

What is leasehold?

An explanation of leasehold tenure. The basic rights of a long leaseholder. 

Terms of a lease

Information contained in a lease, the terms that apply, and varying the terms of a lease 

Buying leasehold property

General points to note when buying a leasehold property. 

Rules for extending house leases or buying freehold

The qualifying conditions a leaseholder of a house must meet to buy the freehold or extend the lease. 

Buying freehold of houses

Procedures and costs involved in buying the freehold of a house. 

Extending house leases

This page describes the procedure used to extend the lease of a house. 

Collective enfranchisement

Leaseholders and properties that qualify for collective enfranchisement, which happens when a group of leaseholders buy the freehold to a block of flats. 

Extending leases of flats

The rights leaseholders of flats to extend the lease on their home. 

Rights to buy freehold

Rights of leaseholders of flats to be offered the chance to buy the freehold before it is offered to anyone else. 

Rights to manage

The right of leaseholders in some blocks of flats to form a company to manage, or arrange the management of, the block. 

Service charges

A service charge is an amount payable by the tenant of a dwelling. 

Rules for service charges

How service charges are controlled by legislation. 

Liability for service charges

A tenant's rights to information about service charges, their liability to pay service charges, and circumstances where a tenant can argue for a reduced service charge 

Service charge demands

Information the landlord must provide when making service charge demands. 

Payment and protection of service charges

Service charge amounts, methods and frequency of payments, and how service charge money is protected. Help for leaseholders on a low income. 

Challenging service charges

Circumstances in which it is possible to dispute a service charge and the role of the First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber). 

Recovering court action costs

How landlords can pass on the costs of court proceedings to tenants through service charges in certain circumstances. 

Repair rules

Circumstances in which a landlord will be obliged to carry out repairs or provide services, including where tenants have not paid service charges. 

Consultations for major works

The requirement and procedure for consulting tenants about major works and long-term agreements. 

Administration charges

An amount payable under the lease for administration. 

Selling a leasehold property

Assignment of the lease to the purchaser when a leaseholder sells a leasehold property, including how it affects the original leaseholder's obligations, and restrictions on assignment. 

Repossession of leasehold property

When a freeholder can take action to repossess a property. Relief from forfeiture. 

Rights to stay after lease ends

Leaseholders' rights to remain in occupation of a property after the lease has ended. 

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