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Mortgage arrears: payment problems

This content applies to England & Wales

Issues arising after falling into arrears with mortgages and the steps borrowers and lenders can take to resolve the situation.

Coronavirus mortgage payment break

Homeowners whose income has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic can contact their lenders to discuss options and request a payment break. 

Negotiating with mortgage lenders

Borrowers facing difficulties to pay their mortgage should check their insurance and contact lenders who must act in compliance with rules on mortgage arrears. 

Ways to reduce mortgage costs

Borrowers may reduce the cost of their mortgage by changing the original mortgage, which may involve paying fees or getting lenders’ consent. 

Voluntary sale

Options and consequences for borrowers considering a voluntary sale after repossession, which is preferable for many borrowers facing an enforced sale. 

Sale and rent back schemes

Homeowners in financial difficulties may remain in their home by selling their property and leasing it back from the new owner. 

Mortgage rescue scheme

Mortgage rescue scheme helped eligible homeowners with a shared equity loan or a mortgage to rent option, applications now closed. 

Homeowners mortgage support scheme

Homeowners who had suffered a temporary loss of income were able to defer mortgage payments, applications now closed. 

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