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Possession proceedings & eviction

This content applies to England

Information on all aspects of possession proceedings, including grounds for possession, notice requirements, illegal eviction, harassment and neighbour nuisance.

Landlord notices to leave

Legal requirements that must be satisfied for a notice to be valid when served in relation to ending a tenancy or licence. 

Grounds for possession of assured tenancies and ASTs

The mandatory and discretionary grounds for possession of assured and assured shorthold tenancies, and grounds for possession in the fixed term. 

Grounds for possession of secure tenancies

Mandatory and discretionary grounds for possession of secure tenancies and related definitions of ‘suitable alternative accommodation’ and ‘reasonable’. 

Grounds for possession of regulated tenancies

The mandatory and discretionary grounds for possession of regulated tenancies, and grounds that a landlord can use against a protected shorthold tenant. 

Possession process

Procedural rules applicable to repossession of rented properties and the specifics of certain tenancy types. 

Possession orders

Court powers to vary, postpone, suspend, set aside or discharge possession orders. The status of a tenancy after a possession order and appealing against it. 

Enforcement of possession warrants and orders

Procedure for eviction by county court bailiffs or High Court enforcement officers, and the actions tenants can take after eviction. 

Illegal eviction and harassment

Occupiers who suffer from harassment and illegal eviction can take steps to protect themselves and rely on the civil and criminal remedies. 

Mortgage possession

Procedure for a mortgage lender repossessing a property because of mortgage arrears. The types of court order and what happens after it is granted. 

Antisocial behaviour grounds for possession

Sanctions against secure, assured, introductory and demoted tenancies on grounds of antisocial behaviour. 

Possession of PRPSH special needs housing

Possession rules for special needs housing are the same as for general-needs housing, but there are certain cases that have particular relevance 

Possession of services family accommodation

Armed forces personnel are granted a licence of service family accommodation (SFA) and can be evicted on expiry of the notice to vacate the property. 

Possession of family intervention tenancies

The requirements and process for a local authority or PRPSH to terminate a family intervention tenancy 

Eviction and rights of Gypsies and Travellers

Eviction rules depend on whether Gypsies and Travellers are staying on their own land without planning permission, private land or a council site. 

Eviction of squatters

Rights of squatters, eviction without a court order, and the procedure for acquiring ownership of the property through adverse possession. 

Eviction rights on unprotected sites

Some mobile home owners fall outside all statutory protection, including protection from illegal eviction, if they are not on a protected site. 

Mobile home renters protection from eviction

Protection from eviction rules for mobile home occupiers living on protected sites. 

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