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Illegal eviction and harassment

This content applies to England

Occupiers who suffer from harassment and illegal eviction can take steps to protect themselves and rely on the civil and criminal remedies.

Harassment by a landlord or letting agent

Conduct interfering with occupier’s rights or causing them alarm or distress constitutes harassment and occupiers are protected by law against it. 

What is illegal eviction?

Depriving occupiers of their occupation of the property without following the correct legal process constitutes illegal eviction and occupiers have legal protection. 

Occupier's civil legal remedies

Occupiers remedies in the civil courts are usually the speediest and include injunctions and several types of damages. 

Criminal action

Harassment and illegal eviction are criminal offences, and while criminal proceedings are lengthy, they can be a long-term deterrent for landlords. 

Alternatives to court action

Desired outcomes, security of tenure, and the seriousness of the offences must be considered before deciding if going to court is the best option. 

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