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Housing rights of cohabiting sole tenants

Rights of cohabiting couples where one of them is a sole tenant or sole licensee, and the relationship has broken down.

This content applies to England & Wales
  • Occupation orders

    Eligibility to apply for occupation orders where there is a sole tenancy or licence, and orders where neither cohabitant has a right to occupy.

  • Housing rights if one partner is the sole tenant

    Occupation rights and legislation for cohabiting couples experiencing a relationship breakdown who occupy under a sole tenancy or sole licence.

  • Occupation options

    Ways for a non-tenant or non-licensee to couples to stay in the home after the breakup with a sole tenant or licensee.

  • Liability for rent for sole tenancies

    Liability for rent of a sole tenant or licensee and their former partner where a cohabiting relationship has broken down.