Follow our top tips and make your fundraising easy

Don’t wait

The sooner you start asking, the more money you’ll raise.

Aim high

Setting your target above your minimum sponsorship pledge will help you beat it.

Personalise your page

The more personalised your page is, the more compelled people are to donate. Just adding a photo to your page, you can raise 14% more. Not bad for just a few extra clicks of the mouse!

Promoting your page

Use your social media to spread the word and encourage people to sponsor you. Share your page and say why you’re supporting Shelter. And make sure you mention Vertical Rush everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, voicemail, email signatures, work notice boards, the gym, anywhere you can!

Friends and family

Ask your most generous supporters to donate first. They’ll set the bar high and others tend to donate based on what’s already been given. Thank people publically, perhaps on social networks. Don’t forget your friends and family abroad who can still show their support and sponsor you online.

Set yourself a weekly target

This can make the grand total seem less daunting and means you won’t leave your fundraising until the last minute.

Keep asking

Busy lives can mean people intend to sponsor you, but simply forget. Don’t be afraid to remind them.

Matched giving

Some companies support their employees fundraising activities through matched giving, where they match the amount you raise. Check with your finance or HR department to see if this is something your workplace does. It could be an easy way to see a huge boost to your sponsorship.

Keep going

After you’ve smashed Vertical Rush update your page with photos, and your time, and let people know they can still donate.

It’s really important when asking people to sponsor you, that you let them know what their donations can do, and how they will help.

So, here are a few things your fundraising pledge can help achieve:

  • last year we helped 124,771 people through our helpline, but we can’t do it alone – just £10 lets us answer an urgent call that could stop someone losing their home
  • £80 could pay for a three hour drop in session, providing up to six people with advice that could help them keep their home
  • reaching your pledge could mean the difference between homelessness and a home, for a family by paying for urgent legal advice

And don’t forget, the Vertical Rush team are here to support you all the way. Just contact us at or 0344 515 1190.