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Local housing allowance

This content applies to England

This section provides information about the local housing allowance (LHA) scheme.

What is the local housing allowance?

The LHA scheme is an alternative method of calculating housing benefit, for tenants in the deregulated private rented sector. 

Introduction to LHA scheme

This section gives an introduction to local housing allowance (LHA) schemes. 

How LHA is calculated

How local housing allowance (LHA) rates are calculated and how a claimant's eligible rent is determined under the LHA scheme . 

How LHA is paid

This section gives information on how LHA is paid. 

Protected rates

The circumstances under which a claimant can receive payments at a higher rate than the LHA they would normally qualify for. 

Occupiers exempted from LHA scheme

Occupiers that are exempt from the local housing allowance scheme. 

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