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Universal credit

This content applies to England

Information about universal credit.

Universal credit is a means-tested benefit for people of working age. It replaces a number of pre-existing benefits and includes specific elements, such as housing costs and childcare, that are paid depending on the personal circumstances of the claimant.

Overview of universal credit

An overview of universal credit including information about its administration and roll out. 

Eligibility for universal credit

A survey of the categories of claimant entitled to universal credit and exceptions to the rules 

Making a claim for universal credit

Information on how to claim universal credit 

How to calculate universal credit

How universal credit is calculated including components of the benefit and the treatment of income. 

Housing costs under universal credit

This section outlines the costs that can be met under the housing element of universal credit, who can claim housing costs and how these are worked out. 

Payment of universal credit

How universal credit is paid. 

Claimant commitment

The ‘claimant commitment’ condition for universal credit claimants. 

Challenging universal credit decisions

How to challenge a universal credit decision 

Migration and transitional protection

Transitional protection for claimants who move from other benefits to universal credit. 

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