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Asbestos and housing. Where it may be found, why it is dangerous, what measures can be taken to deal with it, and how to take action if these measures are insufficient.

Use and dangers of absestos in housing

Description of asbestos, where asbestos may be found, and the dangers of exposure to asbestos. 

Taking action on asbestos in housing

Finding out if asbestos is present. Action that can be taken to deal with asbestos, and the legal requirements when dealing with asbestos-containing materials 

Tenants options

Action a tenant can take if her/his landlord fails to respond, or responds inadequately, to the presence of asbestos. The remedies below are in addition to those explained above. 

Legal duties of landlords to deal with asbestos

A landlord's legal obligations in relation to asbestos. Rehousing while work dealing with asbestos is taking place. 

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