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Local authority assitance with improvements and repairs

This content applies to England & Wales

Assistance that may be available from local authorities to help with the cost of repairs, improvements, adaptations, demolition and/or rebuilding. Also covered are eligibility for assistance and application procedures.

The home energy efficiency scheme is also covered in this section (with a separate section for Wales). Local authority housing renewal assistance applies to both rented and owner-occupied properties, in the private and, to a limited extent, public sector.

Housing renewal assistance system

Housing renewal assistance system. 

Pre-conditions for assistance

Things a local authority must do before providing assistance to an individual. 

Forms of assistance

Forms of assistance that a local authority may provide. 

Applying for assistance

The procedure for applying for assistance 

Grants for adaptations

Disabled Facilities Grants. 

Handyperson grants

Handyperson grants are discretionary grants available for older, disabled or vulnerable people to carry out minor repairs or adaptations in the home. 

Green Deal schemes

Green Deal schemes can provide grants to assist with the costs of home insulation and of improving energy efficiency. 

Complaints about local authority assistance

Problems a person may face when applying to the local authority for help with home improvements. 

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