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Houses in multiple occupation

This content applies to England

Legislation and issues associated with houses in multiple occupation (HMOs).

What is an HMO

The definition of a house in multiple occupation. 

HMO mandatory licensing

An introduction to the mandatory licensing of HMOs. 

HMO licence conditions

The mandatory and discretionary conditions attached to an HMO licence. 

HMO licence applications

The process of applying for an HMO licence. 

Additional licence conditions for HMOs

An introduction to the additional licensing of HMOs. 

Rules for managing HMOs

Provisions relating to the management of all HMOs. 

Overcrowding in HMOs

Local authority powers to deal with overcrowded houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). 

Failure to licence an HMO

The offences committed by not licensing the HMO, and enforcement options. 

Local authority changes to HMO licences

Temporary exemption from licensing, variation and revocation of licenses. 

Local authority management of HMOs

How Interim and Final Management Orders work. 

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