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Noise nuisance

This content applies to England & Wales

The definition of noise and the different methods clients can use to try to remedy noise nuisance.

Noise and how to prevent it

Definitions of noise, and how it can be prevented. 

How an occupier can deal with noise

How people affected by noise can deal with it, through mediation and negotiation, when noise is a tort of nuisance, and with specific remedies against occupiers. 

Noise caused by disrepair

Noise that may be caused by problems at the occupier's own property. 

Noise from other sources

Remedies available for certain specific sources of noise. 

Local authority EPA duties

Duties councils have to take action against noise under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. 

Complaints about inaction

What occupiers can do if they are unhappy with the action taken by the council or a PRPSH. 

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