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Safety in the home

This content applies to England & Wales

The law in relation to specific hazards that can be found in and around the home eg gas (including carbon monoxide and radon) and electrical safety, fire safety, furnishings, refuse, and vermin.

In some cases there is specific legislation relating to particular hazards, but it should be noted that all hazards can be assessed through the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

Gas safety

Gas safety in the home. Also covered are the responsibilities of landlords and occupiers, and how regulations can be enforced. 

Electrical safety

The hazard from, and safety regulations concerning, electricity. 

Fire safety

The regulations and legislation concerning fire safety. 

Refuse and pests

Hazards from refuse and pests, particularly vermin. 

Building work

How the Building Regulations 2000 may be useful in tracking hazards in the home. 

Radon gas

A brief overview of radon gas. 


Where the requirement for premises to be smoke-free applies to private dwellings. 

Smoke and carbon monoxide

The requirement for a landlord to install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. 

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