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Responsibility for gas and fire safety in the home

This content applies to England & Wales

The law in relation to specific hazards that can be found in and around the home eg gas (including carbon monoxide and radon) and electrical safety, fire safety, furnishings, refuse, and vermin.

In some cases there is specific legislation relating to particular hazards, but it should be noted that all hazards can be assessed through the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

Gas safety responsibilities

The responsibilities of landlord's and occupiers set out by the Gas Safety (Installations and Use) Regulations 1998 and supported by the Health and Safety Executive's code of practice. 

Disconnection due to a gas leak

The responsibilities of gas transporters for taking action in the event of a gas leak. 

Responsibility for gas safety checks

Gas safety checks must be carried out every 12 months on all gas appliances. 

Electrical safety in rented homes

The hazard from, and safety regulations concerning, electricity. 

Fire safety and the HHSRS

The Housing Health and Safety Rating System covers fire safety in all residential accommodation. 

Fire safety in HMOs

The legislation governing fire safety regulations in houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), hostels, hotels, and boarding houses. 

LA powers to take fire safety action

Limited powers outside the Housing Act 2004 that local authorities have to take action on fire safety in other residential property. 

Tenant fire safety options

How tenants may be able to take action on fire safety when the local authority does not take prompt and effective action. 

Furniture fire safety rules

Fire safety regulations for furniture and furnishings. 

Responsibility for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

The requirement for a landlord to install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. 

Refuse and pest hazards

Hazards from refuse and pests, particularly vermin. 

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