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Renting from a local authority

This content applies to England

Allocation of social housing by local authorities, qualifying and ineligible applicants, and duties during the application process.

Allocation duties

A local authority's duties in relation to applications for housing, and how local authorities can contract out certain of their allocation functions. 

Local authority allocation schemes

An explanation of local authority allocation schemes and exceptions to the rules governing the allocation of social housing. 

People who qualify for local authority housing

A local authority can decide which classes of people can qualify for an allocation of accommodation under its scheme. 

Ineligible applicants

Applicants may be ineligible for an allocation mostly because they do not live in the UK or do not have a right to reside in the UK. 

Eligibility decisions

Rules on notifying decisions on eligibility for accommodation allocation, making a fresh application, and requesting a review. 

Preference in housing allocation

A local authority should give reasonable and additional preference to certain categories of applicants in the allocation of housing. 

Choice-based lettings schemes

Choice-based lettings schemes allow applicants to search, apply and bid for social rented properties in their area. 

Applications offers and reviews

Applicants have the right to get information regarding the status of their application and the right to a review of any decision. 

Tenant transfers to a new home

Tenants may apply for a transfer to a different property, an exchange of their tenancy with another tenant, or a move to a new area. 

Local housing authority tenancy strategies

Local authorities publish the matters for all social landlords to consider when framing their policies on the types of tenancies they grant. 

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