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Renting from a local authority

This content applies to England

Applying to a local authority for social housing. 

For information on how private registered providers of social housing (PRPSHs) allocate properties, see also the section on the Allocation of PRPSH properties.

Legislation and guidance

Legislation and guidance regulating the allocation of social housing. 

Allocation duties

A local authority's duties in relation to applications for accommodation, and how local authorities can contract out certain of their allocation functions. 

Allocation schemes

Allocations and exceptions to the rules governing allocation schemes. 

Qualifying applicants

A local authority can decide which ‘classes of person’ can qualify for an allocation of accommodation under its scheme. 

Ineligible applicants

The categories of applicants who may be ineligible for an allocation. 

Local authority checks on immigration status

Rules that local authorities should follow when investigating immigration status to establish eligibility for accommodation allocation. 

Eligibility decisions

How notification of decision should be served, whether an applicant can make a fresh application and how to request a review. 

Preference in housing allocation

A local authority's duty to give reasonable and additional preference to certain categories of applicant. Adjusting the relative priorities of applicants. 

Allocation schemes and priorities

Every housing authority must have an allocation scheme to determine housing priorities. 

Choice-based lettings schemes

About choice-based letting schemes. 

Information, offers and reviews

An applicant's right to information regarding the status of an application and the right to a review of any decision. The offence of giving false information. Challenging the suitability of accommodation. 

Tenant transfers to a new home

Transfers by existing tenants to a different property. 

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