Private renting

Information on finding private rented accommodation, Right to Rent immigration checks and issues in tenancy agreements with private landlords.

This content applies to England
  • Private rented accommodation

    Practicalities of finding and securing an appropriate private rented accommodation, including landlord requirements for tenants.

  • Renting rights for private tenants

    Private tenants have rights in addition to those that are a consequence of their security of tenure, regardless of the type of their tenancy.

  • Right to rent immigration checks

    Private landlords must check that an occupier has the right to rent based on their immigration status before a tenancy or licence begins.

  • Information about a landlord's identity

    Provisions governing the right of tenants to know the name and address of their landlord for sending written notices.

  • Unfair terms

    Guidance on when a term of a tenancy may be unfair and not binding on a tenant, with the rest of a tenancy agreement continuing to have effect.

  • Unfair trading practices

    Consumer protection law may provide a remedy if an unfair commercial practice has caused tenants to make decisions they would not otherwise have made.