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Allocation of social housing

Rules for the allocation of local authority and housing association properties.

This content applies to England
  • Allocation duties

    A local authority's duties in relation to applications for housing, and how local authorities can contract out certain of their allocation functions.

  • Local authority allocation schemes

    An explanation of local authority allocation schemes and exceptions to the rules governing the allocation of social housing.

  • People who qualify for local authority housing

    A local authority can decide which classes of people can qualify for an allocation of accommodation under its scheme.

  • Ineligible applicants

    People might be ineligible for a social housing allocation under a local authority's allocation scheme based on their immigration or residence status.

  • Preference in housing allocation

    A local authority should give reasonable and additional preference to certain categories of applicants in the allocation of housing.

  • Choice-based lettings schemes

    Choice-based lettings schemes allow applicants to search, apply and bid for social rented properties in their area.

  • Rent arrears and antisocial behaviour

    Guidance where a private registered provider of social housing (PRPSH) seeks possession, and their policies for rent arrears and antisocial behaviour.

  • Applications offers and reviews

    Applicants have the right to get information regarding the status of their application and the right to a review of any decision.

  • Tenant transfers to a new home

    Tenants may apply for a transfer to a different property, an exchange of their tenancy with another tenant, or a move to a new area.

  • Local housing authority tenancy strategies

    Local authorities publish the matters for all social landlords to consider when framing their policies on the types of tenancies they grant.

  • PRPSH tenancy types

    Private registered providers of social housing (PRPSH) mainly grant secure or assured/assured shorthold tenancies depending on the date the tenancy commenced.

  • Allocation of PRPSH properties

    Private registered providers of social housing (PRPSH) usually allocate the majority of properties to tenants nominated by local authorities.

  • Regulation of social housing providers

    Registered social housing providers in England are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing.