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PRPSHs and housing associations

This content applies to England

This section looks at aspects of private registered providers of social housing (PRPSHs), formerly known as registered social landlords (RSLs).

It considers their legal status, their management and funding, and other issues relevant to their tenants. It examines how they allocate properties and the kinds of tenancy and other occupancy arrangements that they offer. It also considers how PRPSHs may seek possession, and describes how tenants can complain about a PRPSH.

Where relevant, differences between the regulations applying to PRPSHs in England and Wales are stated. This section does not look at housing co-operatives in detail; more information on housing co-operatives can be found in the section on Housing co-operatives.

Terminology for social housing providers

This page looks at changes to the terminology used to describe providers of social housing. 

Allocation of PRPSH properties

How PRPSH properties are allocated to tenants. 

PRPSH tenancy types

The factors that determine the type of tenancy a PRPSH can grant 

Special-needs housing

Special-needs housing, specific types of tenancy or licence, and the different possession grounds that apply. 

Home ownership schemes

Schemes offered by PRPSHs that allow tenants to purchase property at a discount. 


How to complain about a PRPSH. 

Judicial review

Using judicial review to challenge PRPSH decisions. 

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